"stuff that makes ur ears feel good"


So yeah, sometimes I like to make music. If you'd like to listen to all of my stuff, my soundcloud is here.

Stuff I'm proud of:

Well, there's a few things I'm proud of, which I think deserve mentions here.
Fist Bump, Superstar! (Coverart) - A mashup of Fist Bump (Sonic Forces) and Jump Up, Superstar! (Super Mario Odyssey).
Leftover Hope - A song for my upcoming game.
The Grand Finale - A song for my upcoming game.
Sandstorm Mario 64 - Metal Cap - Metal Cap, but it's Darude Sandstorm!
Smash Noma - All Power - ...It's um, Brain Power and All Star???
Phase 2 Recreation (V8) - My 8th attept at recreation Phase 2.
Super Mario 64 - File Select - An only-piano cover of Super Mario 64 - File Select.
Smash Star - All Mouth - ...Just, listen to this for yourself.
THE PART WHERE HE KILLS YOU - Portal 2 Megalovania - A Portal 2 Megalovania.