NekoBot is my discord bot. Nice.

NekoBot is a discord bot with lots of unneeded commands.
She was written in, with the help from Info Teddy and Dav999
NekoBotBeta is her rewrite, also written in

NekoBotBeta has been ported over to NekoBot when NekoBotBeta was still in an unstable phase.
If you encounter any errors with either, don't hesitate to pm me on discord.

NekoBot commands (Click a section to reveal):

General: help, hello, coins
changeavy, textbox, bigtext
undertext, imgur, cat
invite, info, getpins
urban, copypasta, buds
eyes, pixelsort, magik
bot, avy, roll
translate, neko, dog
birb, windowsxp, cleverbot
slots, glaceon, shop
Moderation: pin, unpin, purge
Owner: eval, eval2, python
forcechangeavy, restart, kill
send, play, fixdisconnect
error, changegame, addinvoker
Administrator: setnsfw, unsetnsfw
NSFW: danbooru, lolibooru, moebooru
rule34, e621

Invite links:
NekoBot | NekoBotBeta

If you have any problems, or have a command idea (or just an idea for the bot in general), please don't hesitate to ask me a question on my discord server.

Did you know: