♪ songflip ♪

SongFlip is a VVVVVV music editor.

It has support for metadata, using a format Dav999 and I worked together to come up with.
Here's info on the format.

This requires Python 3.5 and above to be installed.
If you don't have that, maybe you should install it.

I mean, I don't care about specifics. Can I download it?

ok. you're boring.
click on the thing under "Release name" to go to the release page,
click on the thing under "File size" to instantly start the download.

Last 30 releases

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What does it look like?

like this.


- Replaces music files

- Plays VVVVVV music files

- Edits VVVVVV music file metadata

- Extracts music