script1: iftrinkets(0,script2) script2: say(6) cutscene() untilbars() changeplayercolour(green) endcutscene() untilbars() loadscript(stop) text(1,0,0,4) -=Exactly one blank line in VVVVVV none in Ved, no more, no less. say() has to be the number of lines there are in total in the script, not counting the text(1,0,0,4). When scripts are loaded, they read the last line first as internal, then goes to the beginning and reads the rest of the script as simplified. We can use this to our advantage, by making the last line text(1,0,0,4). text(1,0,0,4) makes the script think the next 4 lines are textbox input, which in this case, those 4 lines are the "convert simplified to internal, and remove internal". After the text(1,0,0,4), it skips back to the beginning, so we can make that say(), like in the say method. "How do I not show cutscene bars?" "How do I make a background script?" If you only need one line for a script, remember what I said above. When scripts are loaded, it reads the last line of the script as internal. So, we can do this: script1: iftrinkets(0,script2) script2: changeplayercolour(green) For multiple lines, just remove cutscene() and endcutscene(). script1: iftrinkets(0,script2) script2: say(4) flip delay(30) flip loadscript(stop) text(1,0,0,4) Example of background scripts:

First, we need to trick the parser with a simplified scripting command, say(). You would use this first: say(-1). Now put an internal command below it. say(-1) changeplayercolour(green) Now it turns you green, but there is also a bunch of garbage. To get rid of it... say(-1) text(1,0,0,4) say(4) changeplayercolour(green) endcutscene() untilbars() loadscript(stop) Explination why the above works: say(-1) #To trick the parser text(1,0,0,4) #Make the parser remove the next 4 lines, which are the "simplified to internal" lines. This textbox won't be displayed, since there's no speak or speak_active. say(x) #Number of lines after this. [Internal] #Internal commands. endcutscene() #Needed to remove the black bars. untilbars() #Waits until black bars are gone, not really needed. loadscript(stop) #The "stop" can be anything, used to remove the garbage normally displayed. -=Blank line in VVVVVV, this isn't here in Ved.=- The loadscript(stop) is really the only thing needed at the end. There should only be one blank line.